After lots of rumors and news Nokia, a company from Finland finely coming back to smartphone business.

Nokia used to dominate the mobile industry in 1990s and early 2000s. Nokia was loosing massive market share to android and Iphone in late 2000s. they choose windows as there smartphone operating system instead of android. Even though Nokia’s hardware, build quality and camera was excellent the problem was software and apps availability. And then eventually in 2014, Microsoft takeover their mobile business. Deal was that Nokia can not use their mobile brand name for 30 months.

Nokia can now release their Nokia branded Smartphones in early 2017, as that 30 months period of time has passed.
Nokia itself isn’t going to make their phones. A Finnish company HMD Global is going to develop Nokia branded phones and Foxconn is going to manufacture it. HMD global was actually founded by Veteran Nokia executives in may 2016, after they brought Microsoft’s Mobile Business.

HMD Global is expected to launch the first Nokia branded Android smartphone in February 2017 at MWC 2017(Mobile World Congress 2017) Barcelona.The first Nokia smartphone D1C(rumored name) is said to be in two models, a midrange and a flagship handset.The flagship one is rumored to be pack with unreleased Snapdragon 835 CPU, 6GB of RAM and excellent 23 MP camera.
There are still two months for MWC 2017 and there will be more rumors as there are no official news from HMD Global till now.
This is just quick update and summary about Nokia coming back to smartphone business.

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Nokia’s smartphone return in 2017

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