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These days there are a lot of events and places where you need to dress properly.Well “properly” is no word for us.Since you are on this blog,what we will use and achieve is “perfect”. I’ve seen thousands of men wearing their suits wrong and god all I wanted to do at those times was go and yell,”you’re wearing it wrong!”.

Gentlemen it doesn’t matter how much your new suit costs,a few bucks or 1500$,if its a local label or Ermenegildo Zegna,it may never hang right on you.You may need to alter it from a good tailor.So gentlemen we are going to discuss how to put on a suit and what alterations to make for three kinds of people.


You measure 6 ft.2″ on that scale and you go to that store and buy yourself a nice suit and some accessories,wear it on that special day and end up looking like a giraffe,who just ran out of zoo.Being a tall guy you need to keep these things in mind:

1.Go for a suit that fits and it doesn’t  mean you wear it ultra-tight.Go for a suit that is made to measure (specially made for you) or go alter your new suit.

2.Never ever wear slim accessories and what I mean by never is Never.Gentlemen your tie,tie bar,tie pin and belt should never be slim if you’re tall. You need to have all the accessories on that tall trunk to be broad. Go for a broad tie,a broad tie bar (tie size=tie bar size) and broad belt. Even your pocket square need to be folded such that it shoes enough fabric that is not too less and not too much.

3.Always wear belt! Yes,even if your pants are not sliding down.It’ll break the image of long height and you’ll look just perfect.

4.If you’re going for tailor made,tell your tailor to slightly take the buttons up! That way your torso will look shorter and perfect.


There are certain tricks a short guy can always opt for to create an illusion of tallness. Tricks go like this

1.Wear a slim suit! And it means suit that perfectly fits your torso,with slim lapel and pants that are also slim fit.

2.Wear slim tie, slim tie bar,slim tie clip and just three finger peaking pocket square.And believe me if you go for broad, you are never ever going to turn heads.

3.Try not to wear belt. Not wearing belt creates an illusion of length and god you’ll look much taller

4.Tell your tailor to slightly take down the buttons than he usually would. It will show a little more of your torso and will add little more to your height.


If you’re buff and wide and you wear your suit baggy,roomy and ill fitting, believe me you will be no more than a “no-brainer” for guys like me.Opt for these tricks and be more “genius dapper” and less “no-brainer”.

1.Always wear a suit that fits and if you’re too buff to find the right one in stores,go for made to measure because you don’t want to look any wider

2.Wear your accessories in proportion that is not too slim not too broad,just perfect and believe me when the time comes you’ll know which one to go for.

3.Always keep the suit buttoned unless you’re sitting down.

Finally tips for everyone!

1.Always watch the fall of your pants. There should be no break and search the internet or checkout any fashion show there will be no leg with a break.(that horizontal fold formed when your pants fall on your shoes.) Go for perfectly tailor pants or roll them three fingers up your ankle.

2.Shorten the sleeves of your coat so that a little part…say from an inch to an inch and a half of your shirt shows up.You buy that expensive shirt and you don’t want it to be visible just on the torso,do you?

3.And for gods sake please wear accessories!

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