On the scale from 1 to 10, what would you rate your skin? Let it score anything but today I’m gonna tell you how to have amazing skin and by that I mean a pimple free, glowing, smooth and even skin and yes it is for men and ‘men’ means normal men, not just actors and models!

You look at Merlon Teixeira in that Carolina Herrera commercial and you think,”Man that guy’s got awesome skin” and you look in the mirror and you see dull, dry, darkened and rough skin. Someday in the days you wished if you had that picture perfect skin and the next thing you did was sit in that chair for hours, scrolling through your Instagram feed.Right? Not anymore!

Well, amigos, a real man is not one who only wishes but one who cares and does something about it and that is the first step of the steps.A real man is 1/4th Hugh Jackman in Wolverine and 3/4th Bradley Cooper in The A team. You do all that stuff that is labelled ‘womanly’ in a manly way. That’s what girls love.They find metrosexual men fascinating and sexy. Imagine you get up from the bed, check on your skin, apply some moisturizer and dress like a dapper and she watching you doing all that? Got the picture?

First thing first! Water it

And it doesn’t mean you actually water it externally, you drink it! Drink at least 8 glasses in a day and you’re good to go.The next day when you check on your skin you’ll go crazy because it will be glowing like a polar bear (huh 🙂 you got me).Just because of the goal’s 8, it doesn’t mean you plug 8.Talking from personal experience, go slow with it. Drink it slow and the buds inside will absorb more and your skin will score more. You know what? 8’s not enough, drink even more.

Sunprotect it!

Have you ever seen a guy Who’s skin was so even and so glowing that you kept staring at him, wondering what he must be doing? His secret is, he applies sunscreen.Yes! Men do it too and it is not girly. Go to the store and buy some and what you look on the package is SPF 15 or more, UVA and UVB protection, dermatologically tested. Believe me, you’ll see the difference in a week.

Moisturize it !

It is still not getting girly at all. There are moisturizers specially made for that hard ‘man skin’ in the stores. By that I remembered an incident, I went to a store that was located near a college and asked for moisturizer and it took 15 minutes for the owner to find it and what he gave me was body lotion! He told almost no guy in that college cares to buy a moisturizer and those who do, get these and those fools use it. People, say with me,”Moisturizer and Lotion are different”.

Apply moisturizer in a day, in a night, whenever you feel necessary.And…I know what you’re thinking? And the answer is No! you don’t wear moisturizer over sunscreen.Instead, go for a moisturizer that contains SPF.

Got acne? treat them.

Having pimple on the face not only affects your skin quality but also your confidence. Drinking water, healthy diet and regular exercise treat acne but if there’s still no change, go find a dermatologist and get it taken care of.

Exfoliate !

It means taking off the dead skin, dirt, excess oil and leaving behind new, glowing, beautiful(ahem…handsome ?)skin. It is done by scrubbing. Buy a facial scrub off the market and massage your skin with it.It’s an easy way to go.Scrubs contain small molecules of stuff like almond shell and all, that message off the dead skin, oil and dirt.Another method I’d recommend is exfoliating with wet wash cloth. Take your gym towel, wet it with water, and massage your face round and round and remember not too much.Count to 10 on cheeks, then move to forehead and same overall.Another way to do this and go even deeper is using a cleanser like Clarisonic skin cleanser ( you can use your girlfriend’s !).But if you really want to save some cash, go with above two methods.

Exercise regularly.

When you exercise and sweat like a living waterfall, you actually cleanse the skin pores and what you get is luscious skin.Also when you exercise your heart pumps oxygenated blood to your skin and makes it glowing(Am I using that word too much ?Well you want it !) and it also tones your muscles making your overall appearance perfect.

What you put inside is what you get outside.

Yes!eat good food.I’m not saying go vegan, or eat salads and go on a diet or something.What I’m saying is watch what you’re putting inside.Your body is not trash that you eat anything you get.Eat simple food that is not fried, contains less fat and that is healthy.Remember you eat healthily or you don’t eat at all.Instead, eat a carrot and bottom up 2 glasses of water or eat something that is protein rich.But what about a burger, spaghetti, pasta, fries and …PIZZZZA ? Hey freakshow ! you still have Sunday as your cheat day, remember?

Sleep for 7.

Gentlemen, over all these tips, this one goes to the top.Make it your priority.Whatever happens you sleep for 7 hours.Wait my girlfriend is messaging me.A football match is gonna air at the 1.Friend reunion! No No No ! you can catch all that up in the morning so call it a night at 10.

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How to have amazing skin

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