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In this blog we are going to talk about sex. “Sex”,something you can do but can’t talk about!Sex is a need, something that strengthens your relationship,something that makes her think of you all day long after that last night’s stand and something Indian guys are bad at. Indians invented Kamasutra. We gave it to world,people are using it,rocking their sex life and studies say that Indian men are very bad in bed. It’s like working hard in apple farm and drooling like a dog because you didn’t get one.

This is how it goes, you meet her in a party,you buy her a drink,you ask her to come to your place,you reach and you hump!(I’m sorry but this is the most inappropriate word which is very appropriate for the situation),right ? No! This is clearly not how it is done and I’m taking you through tips that will make you superman of sex world.

1.Porn is no real!

What porn shows us is unrealistic sex.It shows some people with incredibly hot bodies and incredibly big…well genital…areas!Okay fine! breasts and penises.And people who are so on constant heat but do it for half hour. So if you are thinking that real life sex can be as good as porn…well you’re thinking it wrong. I’ve read interview of James Deen(the porn actor) and he said that doing it in front of camera is more high intensity training and less pleasure.So if you don’t wanna make it like working out, take porn off your mind.

2.Foreplay is very important

Sex is not just pumping it in and out…No! Animals do it that way. You go for foreplay! You kiss,you tease,you undress slowly,you lick the neck and everywhere,you caress,you kiss again and I think think you got it! Foreplay is important as it prepares the bodies for sex and it also increases your sex time so that you can brag about it in the gym the next day.

3.It’s no meditation so talk it out

What most people do in bed is humming,breathing loudly, and wordless sex but you don’t. You talk about it.Ask her what she wants.”Are you comfortable with oral?”,”Do you have any fantasies?”,”How often do you want to do it?”,”Do you want to try positions?”,”Have you tested yourself with STDs?”,”Wanna go kinky?”,”Do you want me to talk dirty?”. GO TALK IT OUT! Not even this when you begin the sex,if something brings you pleasure,express it,moan! Go for some ooohh,yeah,say her name. Remember your voice brings energy in sex.If there’s anything you want to pick up from porn, go take up their moaning.


Don’t go for the old missionary position,try some new positions,try oral sex.Try girl on top like cowgirl,reverse cowgirl(it is important as she feels superior and she can control the pace and depth of penetration),doggy,spooning,T,scissors etc.Learn the art of thrusting,its not just pumping rigorously.There are techniques like shallow thrusting,deep thrusting,combination thrusting.And finally go places.Do it in car in the middle of nowhere,on the terrace under the stars and everywhere else you can think of.Explore men!

5.Go kinky!

Role play,let her become any character she want to be,supergirl,wonderwomen,or any girl character she likes from her favorite movie.Go experience 50 shades of grey with BDSM( not too harsh buddy),get bound to bed,yes,Bed bound and let her do anything she wants to do with you.Pole dancing(if available),show her your dance moves and remember you’re not pro so don’t ever care,its just her watching you.Use sex toys and finally my favorite stripping. God I’m excited!

6. Be Present

Nothing really kills the mood than realizing that your partner is thinking of something else.Be present,enjoy the pleasure,sense the touch,feel the pain of pleasure in your neck and lower back, feel her body,admire it,mostly those parts she’s uncomfortable about.Not only this,let her feel like you want it too,be giver more than a taker,travel your mouth down there(women’s vaginal entrance contains most of the nerve endings).

7.Ask your friend

Oh yeah,I’m serious.Remember Monica(Courtney Cox) telling Chandler(Matthew Perry) the seven erogenous zones in women’s body from the iconic T.V. program F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Just like that!Your real friend will always help you.Its sex people! Everybody does it but uncomfortable to talk about it and I assure you that in several years this will really change.

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