Gentlemen, Today I’m gonna tell you how to get lean this monsoon with HIIT!

Tell me if this happens to you all too. You watch Magic Mike. You see Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello in ripped abs, big guns and then you decide to resume your Vin-Diesel-workout-plan that you paused 3 months ago and rename it to Channing-Tatum-Stripper-workout-plan.

…And this is how your stripper bod looks like in your mind.

You wake up in the morning and you take in the Pre-Workout diet. You put on your gym shoes and when you open that damn door…you close it (by slamming!), get out of your shoes( sighing), and then into your bed again. BECAUSE…it’s fucking raining out there.

Now my buddy, please don’t cancel on your Tatum-the-stripper-workout-plan. Because what you need is a home workout session that could get you lean and in shape this Fucking monsoon.

So my often-quitters, homesick and rain hating friends out there, let me introduce you to HIIT(HIgh Intensity Interval Training) workout routine for lean body. This plan involves 4 rounds of 5 exercises which are very simple.(Gentlemen! NOT to be underrated because you read the word ‘simple’.)

But like they say, the first round is always a liar, when the truth will come out at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round all you’ll think is, why do I even need flat tummy?,  I should probably stop?, Why isn’t anybody calling me right now?, Is my phone broken?
So here goes the 20 mins workout plan that will burn fat faster and will help you get lean.
Ready? Wait Don’t forget to Warm-up first.
Now Ready? Let’s go!

Round 1: (20 seconds per move)

1.Jump Squats
3.Star jump
Rest-2 minutes

Round 2: (20 seconds per move)

1.Knee raise
2.Jump Lunge
4.Diamond Press-up
5.Mountain Climber
Rest- 2 minutes

Round 3: (20 seconds per move)

1.Rope Climb
2.Side Lunge
3.Wide Press-Up
4.Crab Cros-Over
Rest- 2 minutes

Round 4: (20 seconds per move)

1.Standing Sprint
2.Squat Thrust
3.Clap Press-Up/ Press-Up
5.Reverse Crunch

1.For each exersice you go as fast as possible. HIIT workouts give you benefits of 1 hour workout within 20 minutes.

2.There should be 2 rest days in a week while you’re performing HIIT because of the intensity of this type of workouts.

3.For the first day Keep it light. As you move from first round to next, if you feel like stopping, just stop! From 3rd day onward push yourself to complete all 4 rounds.

4.If you injure yourself, take proper rest. Visit a physician.

Now you will be exercising and it will be hard to keep track of time. what you need is an HIIT Timer that will tell when to move to next exercise. GO to play store or app store and download HIIT timer app. Put in the time for work, rest, number of rounds.

Not to worry fellas I’ve found the right app for you. Install it

Runtastic Workout Timer App
Runtastic Workout Timer App
Developer: Runtastic
Price: Free+
  • Runtastic Workout Timer App Screenshot
  • Runtastic Workout Timer App Screenshot

and set up your workout like in “Figure given below”.(Blogger rolling his eyes,”Shish,Engineering!”)


Anyways,Good Luck! AND don’t forget the warm-up!


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How to get lean this monsoon with HIIT

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