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Are you a guy who hits the gym 5 days in a week and still have that flabby stomach? Or are you a guy who doesn’t work out at all and are flabby all over ? Have you tried everything but still that fat doesn’t seem to get off? Maybe you haven’t tried everything yet! Maybe you are going in right direction but you’re moving slow! Gentlemen today I’m gonna tell you 8 ways to burn fat fast.


Early morning cardio.

Why early morning? Because your stomach is empty. When there’s nothing in the stomach, your body will use that fat for the purpose it should be used and you’ll lose more fat than when you train in the evening.But remember to actually go intense.Now don’t play that ultra-intense workout movie scene in your mind, I mean intense enough! And you will get that bad boy off your body.

Remember gym isn’t necessary, get up early, put those kicks on and run or jog. It’s no costly investment, just buy good trainers and you’re good to go.

You don’t only workout in the gym

What most guys do is, work the hell out of them in the gym and when they get out, they feel like they have won the battle and next day…another battle! No No No! The whole day is your battle. You don’t just get out of the gym and spend the day sitting and lying on furniture, you burn extra calories by doing chores. You wash your dishes, you clean the floor, you wash your clothes. Even when you’re reading and doing work on the computer, you stand. Stack some books and stuff on the table, your laptop on the top and you’re good to go. And when you’re eating you sit and you concentrate on your food, every bite of it, chew it nice and good.

Do yoga.

Yeah yeah! I know, Yoga is no intense, and you don’t feel like working out but believe me. I know what I’m saying. Tell me, the last time you broke that promise to yourself, were you sad, devastated, angry or confused? Yes ? Right people, when there’s feelings overflow, there’s eating overdose. Yoga helps you to focus and be aware of your body and your eating habits. Furthermore, it also increases your metabolism and your body functions right according to the digestion science.

But how to do yoga, which postures to go for?    You would find tonnes of so called yoga gurus on the Youtube but I would suggest to learn it from where it’s roots are. India ! There’s this channel on Youtube that I’ve found, called ‘NDTV good times’ and I practised yoga as the guru said and believe me, she explains it so well that your whole day goes like a vacation on a beach, calm and stress-free. Just go to Youtube, in the search box…You know what, save yourself some efforts and click ‘here

Watch your diet.

Say with me “Unhealthy food is my enemy”, say it, say it out loud! Buddies, whether on a diet plan or not you never eat fatty, fried, processed food at all, because it helps you in no way. Eat good, healthy, tasty homemade food and your body will thank you!

Hey! you’re hungry, super hungry, you go to the kitchen, check the fridge, no healthy food,you’re craving, you roll your eyes and the next thing you see is Nutella and BAM! Beast mode activated. Am I right? Gentlemen, pre-prepare some healthy food and store it in the fridge. Or eat nuts and sprouts. They are super healthy and proven to help weight loss.

My online yoga guru says that if we’re told to refrain from something, our mind thinks of only that thing.Here goes the last tip in diet section…Don’t think of it as ‘diet’ think of it as a daily healthy routine and it will help you to stick up and don’t bail out.

Hydrate !

People, there are endless ways drinking water helps your body and on of them is the weight loss. Water is the energy of your workout (remember that uncomfortable thirst after you work out for like an hour ?).It increases your metabolism and extinguishes that hunger fire. So next time you feel thirsty, don’t buy cola or soda, drink simple plain water.

Sleeping is important.

And important is 7 to 8 hours.Sleeping helps you to recover from your workout. It gives you energy to workout with even more grace and power. It’s is a meditation that keeps you calm and happy and helps you stay focused. So that you don’t overstress and overeat.Also, studies have shown that even if you work hard and have the proper diet but don’t take that good night nap properly, you don’t lose weight as fast as those who do get those 7 properly.

Sunday is your cheat-day!

You were a good guy all 6 days, you worked out well, you ate healthy and nice but you feel like missing something? Don’t worry, you can cheat on Sunday. You don’t do cardio, you don’t go to the gym and you can fulfil those stomach cravings. Eat what you want BUT…you craved for a week so you don’t just dive into the food.You don’t go all beasty. Eat a little of everything and on Monday morning run an extra mile.

Don’t believe every telling.

When you are in the gym, on the track, you will find tonnes of guys telling you their theories. Do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that. Listen to them but don’t do it that way. Do your research, ask the trainer and then carefully work out or you may hurt yourself. Always remember every guy in the gym, on the track is not an expert.

Fat a.k.a. natural energy storage of your body. But hey ! you don’t wanna store it forever, do you? You wanna use it and get fit and lean.I would like you to know that it ain’t easy. No ! Like those other blogs and Youtube videos, I’m not gonna say it’s easy, get you high and what you do is, lose that will after a week and stay fat, sadly ever after! Furthermore, if it was easy, everybody would do it and everybody would be fit.

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How to burn fat fast

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