Hello Gentlemen,

Have you ever looked at a model’s face in a commercial and then yours in the mirror and wondered “God! what’s the difference?”

Or you know that the difference is effort and time they put in but you’re thinking that plucking your eyebrows is gonna make you more feminine and less masculine?

Well all your worries will be no worries when you finish reading this blog.

Today my brothers, I’m gonna take every part of your face and tell you, how much you should work on it.

Ready? let’s go!

The Facial Skin


Working on making your face FLAWLESS was feminine before 2012 but right now when the men’s cosmetics business is on the full bloom, take advantage of it.

Having birthmarks is okay, but pimple marks, clogged pores, blackheads just show how careless you are.

See a doctor and get it taken care of. Drink 4 lit of water everyday (Don’t glug it now!!),scrub it, Moisturize it (even if you’ve got oily skin). And for god’s sake use sunscreen.


Now there are always some guys around me who consider having some dark circles and late-night-football-match-red-eyes, signs of masculinity.

Who are you kidding Lazy Asses?

Gentlemen! please use eye cream, use eye drops, drink a lot of water, sleep well, care less about rubbish stuff and your eyes will thank you!


The toughest job a man can do…Apply Lip Balm in public and pretend it isn’t the end of the world!

Well that’s what Men’s rooms are for. Other men are more open minded and less criticizing about this kinda stuff in Wash rooms than they are in public. Believe me!

Your woman wont say but she would, when you’ll try to kiss her 20th time in the same hour, because your dried and chapped lips are not pleasant at all.

Use lip balm with SPF whenever you feel like using it ( Only fools don’t understand body signals).


Nobody likes yellow teeth and white tongue, nobody does. Not your girlfriend, not your boyfriend, not your male friends and not your female friends.

Use whitening toothpaste, teeth whitener, tongue scrapper (or tongue cleaner on the back of your toothbrush) to save your people some disgust.


Now my friends are gonna be really furious at me after reading this…I hate and get distracted by clogged pores, blackheads on people’s noses. (Hi Friends!)

Use Black Masks or squeeze your nose with your fingers to make sure its smooth and not rough. And remember smooth is not feminine.


Now there’s nothing more to do with your eyebrows (unless they don’t make you look like Cara Delevingne’s  lost twin) Just remember there should be two of them.

Don’t go samurai and slim them. Even Models don’t do that(most of them!!! and the male ones.).

Don’t believe those fools who say, plucking your eyebrows is gonna make them grow back faster and broader. It’s just a lie that has been told and passed on.

Facial hair

If you’re keeping facial hair whether stubble or long beard,  just remember to shampoo it to keep beard dandruff away and make it straight and luscious.

Define the outline and leave no sprinkles on cheeks and on throat.

Apply beard oil and beard cream to give it texture and that’s all you gotta do for your facial hair.


A guy won’t freak out seeing scratch on his car but ear hairs will show him ghosts.

Now once again, cutting hairs don’t make them grow with more density, even on the ears. Cut them off regularly. Please.


There are different hairlines of different people but there are some hair coming out of hairline called sprinkles these days.

Sprinkles should not be a problem as long as they don’t curl out of your hair product. If they do, consider cutting them off.

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