Hi,this is Sushant.
Hi,this is Aniket.
Me Aniket,being a metrosexual,have interests in fashion,grooming,health and…well sex. And me Sushant,I am fond of technology. Over the years we kept on getting information in our fields and we were going nowhere with it. Well destiny wanted us to do something and make men’s life sophisticated and easy and so she (or…it,maybe ?) introduced us in engineering college and we both knew, we’re at the wrong place.Years passed and nothing happened. But over the talkings we realized that we can start a blog where we can help men to choose their clothes,take care of their face,be fit and healthy, be great in bed and decide which technology will make them attractive and handsome !
We at trendyAlpha,believe that every single man on this planet,can look best of himself with few tricks,tips and guidance. And What he need is us,the alphatrainers.
Keep visiting and we will bring innovative tips,studied tricks and…handsome giveaways so show us some love and like us,share us and subscribe us.