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So they say the fashion industry is changing every day every minute.And How often we feel, when we something is done different, is the new trend. You might have heard the high waisted pants are coming back in fashion thanks to Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton and much more. But this ain’t about high waisted trousers.

So they kept putting animal prints and patches and Jacquard-ed them on their clothes and it was New. But When our favourite designer Alessandro Michele got infected with Hyper-Animalia-Syndrome and overdid it, we woke up and did some research to see how serious it is.

No No No! Don’t worry this ain’t a crazy nature freak’s wake up a letter about how the industry is “harassing animals”  Not that! Nothing that would get Newt Scamander’s of muggle world furious.
This blog’s about how fiercely designers in the industry are putting animals on their clothes. Nothing that you see a lot around you. Not all the actors can wear them and do justice to them. Something that I believe can only be pulled off by some singers and rappers.(Pharell! this includes you.)
so lemme take you through what I believe is very out of the box…o-a-kay they don’t know any box.


Inspiration first! So when I hear animals and Gucci, I see the iconic Ace Sneakers. Everybody from Blogger Magic Fox to Baywatch actor Dwayne Johnson is wearing them. Designer Alessandro Michele’s previous version of Ace sneakers had jacquard Bee, Snake, tiger and stabbed heart on them with a snake and croc skin heel counter when first launched on Spring/Summer 2016 runway and they made a good business. Then he put detachable patches on the laces in PreFall 17 collection.

It all started from January 2015 when Alessandro Michele got assigned as the new Creative Director of Gucci from within the house. Having worked with both Tom Ford and Frida Giannini, Michele could have made some little of his own touches to what he already had. But he entirely renovated the brand, taking his inspiration from nature.

Everything from Shirts to Shoes got Loud, vibrant, floral, fearless and obviously flamboyant. It’s a combination of vintage and new.He used the Gucci bee and tiger symbols first used by the brand in the 70’s and the Gucci KingSnake! They have become symbol again. Making their way all over to the back of the Jackets, Suits, raincoats, silk bombers, on the middle-red web stripe on the ace sneakers, on the GG motif of totes, duffels, satchels, sneakers and slippers.


Everyone has fanned the classic LV monogram that doesn’t need any introduction. You go to a party and you pull out your iPhone with brown leather LV monogram cover and they know it’s a Vuitton.

So the equation for one of the best collabs goes like this,

Kim Jones + Jake and Dinos Chapman=Monogram Savane collection.

Everything was just fine until the artistic director decided to collaborate with Chapman bros for Spring/Summer 2017 collection and the solution of the equation was failed experiments of Victor Frankenstein making their way all over to the LV monogram.

Those deranged and ugly (…Wonderful?) lions, giraffes, zebra and elephant would scare the hell out of you at 2 in the morning but would make you look like billion dollars at the airport.


Oh, Plein! what can I say about Plein? He’s got everything we need!

Lamborghini, check! Porshe, check! Crazy, check! Denim, check! Women, check! Bling, check!…check!…check! and check!

Last year Philipp started the new sportswear line while Nike and Adidas were only near-Luxury sportswear brand. Enter PLEINSPORT, the first real luxury sportswear brand in the world and now the brand is growing like no other brand ever did.

This year in June, in his Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show in Milan, he featured the Fast&Glorious collection that featured supermodels like Jeremy Meeks aka “Prison Bae” and Winnie Harlow. The Show started with three BMWs running on two wheels and bikers doing stunts. And THEN…we see rebel models in ripped, frayed jeans with cigarettes behind ears, walking the runway like it’s their own biking alley. The collection had t-shirts, Jeans and bombers with hand stitched sequin Cobras and tigers on the front, back and on the chest.

Well, I’m hoping to see those cobras make their way to GQ’s animal-themed photo shoot someday.


Alexander McQueen


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