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It’s simple to dress in summer and in monsoon but winter gets you pain in the ass. Do you feel the same? Don’t you worry because you are not the only one! It really is difficult to find and choose the right winter wear but what’s even difficult is wearing it with your wardrobe. Winter doesn’t mean you look like a big fluffy panda and it also doesn’t mean you wear less and go all ‘shrunken nuts’.Well, don’t you worry because I’m going to tell you 6 winter essentials you must have that will make you look dapper…this fall!

1. Sweaters 
The sweater is obvious on this list. Now when I say sweaters, all types of ‘body warming apparels’ are included. Like V-neck, crewneck, jumpers, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, turtleneck, cowlneck. They are like the centrepiece of the dish. And you need to cook it right, right?  You don’t just go and pick any sweater that looks great on that mannequin. What I hate is that big, roomy, ill-fitting, uncomfortable sweaters that
#1 Are so loose that what you grow in the gym doesn’t sell at all.
#2 Don’t up your confidence (you must have experienced that strange confidence when you feel like you’ve dressed well)
#3 Are too hard to layer.

Most guys hate wearing sweaters because they don’t pick them right.They don’t check the fit and what they buy off the store is some big, baggy, ill-fitting sweater. Check if there is drop in your lower stomach, check if the arms look humanly. Go for lightweight, slim fit sweater(go for tailored instead.). They are warm, stylish, easy to layer and they don’t hide your yield.


2.Denim Jacket

Have you seen Lucky Blue Smith ROCKing that denim jacket? Well while doing research about men’s problems regarding denim jackets, I found that most guys think that they’re out of style. No No No ! Lucky Blue Smith still wears them so they’re still in style. Choosing the right one is a problem though. What I suggest is to go for Levi’s, Calvin Klein or Gap. They are super comfortable. They fit just perfect and the Quality! Guys…Just a glance and you know the quality. They are worth the cash. Under $120(Rs 8,000) you get an eyecatcher.
Wear it with your slim fit sweater for the eye-catching look.

3.Leather Gloves

You are walking on the sidewalk, suddenly you remember something, you gotta pen it down, you get the pen out but you can’t feel your fingers and even worse… they’ve got white wrinkles all over! You feel like “Awwww what? Even after that lotion ?” but you can’t because a hot girl is standing right next to you (what are the odds). I will suggest save it for something worth whining and invest in a good pair of gloves. Even hotter…leather gloves! Well, one thing I hate about buying gloves is I never get enough choices ( Well I never like…never get enough) so I suggest buying them from Amazon.They are available in Black, brown and tan and different affordable price ranges. Just steer clear of the cheap ones.

4.Nice hat

Well, you don’t want to get your ears all cold and…colder ?(god !my brain’s not running fast, wait it’s walking…crawling will be better.I can’t find words !) Well…Huh OKAY. Now you’ll find a lot of winter caps online and in the stores and you probably wanna try them to look stylish but they all look big and cover the almost whole face.
What I suggest ? The grey or knitted cap. It is always stylish, can be paired with almost all colors and it covers your hair so your scalp stays protected and dandruff free.

5.Scarf…too cold out there? Muffler !

Whoa! Wait there…What did you just say? Yes, I’m serious. Many guys think that wearing scarfs is not for men. Well everybody can wear a great pair of chinos and a nice shirt and look just fine. But when you put on more layers, you actually up your style game. What I would suggest is skip wearing a tie under the sweater over the shirt and wear the scarf instead. Now you’ll find a lot of scarves out there but it is something you buy, use and store for the next winter. So buy it once and buy it nicely.
How to wear it? Wrap it once around the neck over your sweater, pull out your denim jacket and you’re good to go.

6.Chelsea boots !!!

Now there are lots of shoes to choose from but why Chelsea boots? because they look good with Chinos, Khakis and with jeans? PHENOMENAL ! They are simple yet stylish.They are made for winters. You can dress them up, you can dress them down but they will make you look dapper anyway.

So now that I’ve told you what to wear in winters, there are some tips that I’m too weak to keep to myself.

1. Experiment with colours. Yes, black, white, light blue, beige, grey and their different shades look great on you but! Remember you want to be noticed so you wear colours. And always remember a secret ‘colours give you dates’ Yes! Colors make you a more approachable person.
2. Layering doesn’t mean ‘no accessories’. Always put on watch, some bracelets and nice sunglasses.
3. Look for some details on your sweater. Details like stitching, different textures(when going monotone), pleads, arm patches(not those 90’s lame brown patches, google for the trendy ones !) make you look cool. And remember extra details = extra cash. So don’t go all detail police.Fewer is better.
4. Please don’t wear printed sweaters often, especially Hoodies. Remember kids wear prints, Men go for plains. Though once or twice in a month is fine.
5. When I say invest, I mean spend a generous amount of money because they are some items you buy once and they are supposed to last long. Plus quality comes with generosity.

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