Hello Gentlemen,

So I had this wonderment that what a woman notices in a Men’s body parts when he approaches her. And so do you!

So I did some research and it was shocking and not so shocking. Some parts were definitely unexpected and some were expected but they ranked last.

So sit tight because we are going through our countdown of 5 Men’s body parts that women notice.


Men’s body parts- butt

Yeah yeah! It came to me as a shock too. I thought that butt will be ranked 1st but it’s last. What ? hey, don’t give me that look now. If you wanna blame someone blames Jlo…, Brittney…, Nicki Minaj and Elle King…and I think we have enough.

But Guys?? There are 30 Men’s body parts and out of them, they check out 5. So you gotta work your butt out.

Butt workout:

So this is what’s gonna happen. You would want to make your butt nice and toned, you’ll hit the gym, work your butt and the next morning…surprise surprise..sore legs and a sore butt. It will be hard to even walk normally and walking is what you do the whole day. Right ?

It’s okay to get other body parts sore but legs? Hell no! So on the first day spare your butt some strain and just do it until the pain kicks in.



3.Glute Bridge Raises

4.Single Leg Glute Bridge Raises


Once again ! Go easy on the day 1st.

4. Shoulders

Men’s body parts- shoulders

Particularly the Deltoids. The shoulders are like the sign of masculinity and strength. When a woman sees a man with broad shoulders they imagine themselves running their hands across them.

So next time you’re in a party, you definitely want them to spend some time in their head with you ( Well not exactly with you…your shoulders).

Shoulder workout:

Do these shoulder exercises on your arms day and you’ll be on the way to their heads.

1.Dumbbell Push Press: Sets-3   Reps-6   Rest-60 secs

2. Seated Dumbbell push press: Sets-3   Reps-6   Rest-60 secs

3.Arnold Press: Sets-3   Reps-6   Rest-60 secs

4.Dumbell Upright row: Sets-3   Reps-6   Rest-60 secs

5. Lateral Raise: Sets-3   Reps-6

3. Stomach

Men’s body parts- stomach

No, not the daddy’s belly! {How to burn fat fast} I mean to say flat belly. Now I would have said Abs, but they really are not going to rip your shirt off and see if you have abs or not.

But you Should work your abs because when…you’ll buy her drink, ask her to come to your place,you’re gonna do some stripping, you’ll rip that shirt off…that will be a Win-Win for her!

Abs workout:

1.Bicycle crunch: Sets-3  Reps-12 on each side  Rest-60 secs

2. Hanging leg raise: Sets-3  Reps-12 on each side Rest-60 secs

3.Cable wood chop: Sets-3  Reps-12 on each side Rest-60 secs

4.Dumbbell Deadlift: Sets-3  Reps-20 Rest-60 secs

5.Mountain Climbers: Sets-3  Reps-20 on each side Rest-60 secs

6. Plate Twists: Sets-3  Reps-20 on each side

2. Chest

Men’s body parts- chest

Again, not the man boobs…the push up made, protein-packed, rock hard pecs are what we’re talking gentlemen.

Now you guys know the fairy tale of every girl’s mind, a handsome prince is gonna come to her riding on a horse galloping his way through the woods of evil and ask her to marry him and live happily ever after (…ahem, got sidetracked) Now how on earth will she not imagine that prince to be toned and in perfect shape.

Guys when a girl dreams of a guy let him not have rock hard abs, let him not have toned butts, but he’ll definitely have those Brad Pitt…y pecs and that’s for sure.

Chest workout:

Now there will be three chest days with two rest days in between considering you working out for 5 days in a week.

Day 1:

1.Barbell Bench press: Sets-3  Reps-8 to 10 Rest-20 secs

2. Dumbbell Fly: Sets-3  Reps-8 to 10

Day 2:

1.Push Ups: Sets-3 Reps- Until fail  Rest-30 secs

2.Dumbbell Bench Press: Sets-3 Reps- 6 to 8

Day 3:

1.Incline Dumbbell Press: Sets-3 Reps- 6 to 8 Rest- No rest

2.Dumbbell Bench Press:  Sets-3 Reps- 6 to 8

1. Wait for it…wait for it…The arms

Men’s body parts – Arms

Now as we men love to work our arms in the gym and they were ranked 1st on the list of Men’s body parts it’s like a win-win, right? Hell yeah!

A woman loves those bulging biceps, triceps not just when you’re shirtless but also when there’s a hint of them through your t-shirt, shirt or your sweater.

Plus building big arms(Not very big…aesthetic big) means you can lift that 55 kg goddess and do some “crazy, crashing against the wall” sex.

Arms Workout:

Now do the 4 sets of 10 reps each of below-listed exercises and take 90 secs rest after each set.

1.Dumbbell Skull Crusher

2.Dumbbell Double Curl

3. Dumbbell Overhead Extension

4.Dumbbell Hammer Curl

5. Dumbbell Close Grip Floor Press.

Now, Hey You! Now that you know what a woman likes a Men’s body parts (not all women), next time you’re In a party, don’t be cocky. Because then… all your “working the ass out” will be ignored and you’ll be a dick.

Now go hit the gym, work out and give them something to look at.Good luck!

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5 body parts that women notice in Men’s body parts and how to enhance them.

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